Adventure of two crazy boys..<3

Graduation at Amerikick

Super proud of Cyrus got his Senior Yellow Belt!!!
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Cole copying Cyrus

Practicing forms

Ari Practicing

Cyrus Practicing

Today Cyrus’ school went to Green Meadows Farm!
The kids were super excited!

On the bus we go!
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I’m so proud of my baby, he got first place in his age group!
Here’s so pictures and videos!

Practicing before the competition.
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Cyrus & Olivia

Cole Drawing

Builder & destroyer

Just to let everyone know we’re safe.  It feels like the longest week with everything that’s happened and it’s not even over yet.  With all that’s going on, I hope these pictures will brighten your day.

Friday at Amerikick’s Halloween Party

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Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with blogs, just putting main stuff in, I’ll fill in the little stuff later.
Oh what a today was day.
Cyrus has been training for his first competition and I think we were both nervous about it.  My main goal for him to compete was for him to be able to be comfortable to present himself in an audience and for him to see what the world has to offer? I don’t know if i’m explaining myself correctly… its been a long day…
See this is why I don’t do writing in my blogging.. FYI.


Here’s Cyrus before competition practicing

Practicing at Amerikick Staten Island, 5 Mins before he starts!

Waiting, 2nd up in the 5-6 year old group.
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